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Maurizio Piovan

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Maurizio Piovan was born in Dolo (VE) on 19 June 1953. He lives and works in Camponogara (VE). His artistic personality was born and matured in the Veneto region in the 70s after studies.

In 1973 he participated in the 1st painting contest in Lugo di Vicenza, winning the 2nd prize. He exposes that year in many galleries and public spaces around the Veneto.

In 1983, he exhibited in the Congress Hall of “al Bondante”, Dolo (VE). He has decorated with his works such prestigious locals like “Revedin” restaurant in Gorgo al Monticano (TV), and the “Golden Tajer” of Fossalta Maggiore Chiarano (TV). He exhibited at the gallery “Art-In” of Padua. Numerous graphic collections are then exposed in Montagnana (PD), Este (PD) Abano (PD), Thiene (VI), Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Scorzè (VE), Legnago (VR), Milan, Mantua, Verona.

In 1992 his graphic works were exhibited and sold in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. He also partecipated in “S.A.C.A.” of Bologna and had his personal exhibition at “La Pala” gallery.

In 1993 he was dedicated on the creation of many new incisions on the copper and zinc plates with etching and aquatint procedures and hand coloring with inks and watercolors, obtaining confirmations and agreements for this new way of thinking about graphic art.

In 2002 he successfully continues its participation in the Art Fair of Padua and commitment as a teacher at the Adult School of Dolo (VE). He obtained recognition and feedback abroad.

In 2003 he participated at the Holland Artfair at the Nederelands Congres Centrum Den Haag and Art Fair of Padova. He exhibited at Gnaccarini Gallery in Bologna and at the gallery The Doge of Bassano. He continues as a teacher of graphic, drawing, painting.

In 2006 teaches drawing and painting at C.T.P of Dolo (VE), he participates in the Arte Fiera di Padova and exhibition Weetfuis Nuenen in Holland.

In 2011 participates in the Arte Fiera di Padova, shows in S.Gregorio ArtGallery gallery (VE), exhibition at Smelik & Stokking, Den Haag, Holland, exhibition at the Ortarte gallery, Orta.


  • Galleria “S.Stefano”, Venezia


  • Galleria “Ghelfi”, Mestre (VE)


  • Congress hall “Al Bondante”, Dolo (VE)
  • Congress hall “Revedin”, Treviso (VE)


  • Galleria “S.Vidal”, Venezia
  • Galleria “La Pala”, Venezia


  • Town hall Montagnana, Padova


  • Town hall Noale, Venezia


  • Piazzola sul Brenta, Palazzo Contadini, Padova


  • Fair S.A.C.A., Bologna


  • Galleria “Ferraro”, Roma


  • Gallery “Lasonne”, Leinz, Austria


  • Gallery “Ideart”, Paris


  • Galleria “Gnaccarini”, Bologna
  • Galleria “Doge”, Bassano


  • Gallery “Weefhuis”, Holland
  • Gallery “S.Gregorio”, Venezia
  • Gallery “Catharina”, Holland